College degree essay online phoenix university

What field if not listed above? Paste your resume or description of your work experience and career history. Be sure to include all details showing your responsibilities and life experiences.

College degree essay online phoenix university

The Internet revolutionized the way business was done. Brick and mortar storefronts moved into a virtual realm where physical boundaries became transparent. The business of phony college degrees is nothing new.

The demand has been in place since higher education was created. Combine the robustness of e-commerce with the pressures to earn college degrees and you have a powerful motivator driving both fake degree suppliers and their consumers.

Business Booms Where There is a Demand Diploma mills capitalize on the consumer desire for a more competitive career edge.

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For most professionals, the competitive leg up translates to more education. The quicker, the cheaper, and the less work involved the better. What if you could convince a consumer that a degree based on previous life and work experience is as valid as a college degree?

What a business model that would be. But who would buy that message? Diploma Mill Business Model Modern day diploma mills have perfected just such a model. Sounds like plenty of people buy the message.

Slick online websites for diploma mills give the illusion that they are as substantial and solid as any brick and mortar college in America. Dig behind the domain name, however, and addresses in places like PakistanLiberia, the Virgin Islands, and the Middle East are common and expose the illusions for what they are: There are no campuses and no faculty offices.

Fraud laws and higher education regulations are so flimsy in these areas that unaccredited and low-quality colleges and universities may flourish.

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Other states have taken notice. Oregon has been most proactive in getting the word out. The Oregon Office of Degree Authorization maintains a list of unaccredited colleges that are known to prey on the ignorance of consumers.

The numbers of questionable institutions is as alarming as are the audacious claims on their websites. ODA also lists the states where laws are so shaky that unaccredited colleges have become a threat to legitimate education.

Are Diploma Mills Legal? Laws on fake degrees —both manufacture and use of—are spotty across the States. In many other countries the practice is illegal, but loosely policed.

Because the business is a white collar crime, no large scale enforcement has been set in motion. Consumerism of Fake Degrees Two kinds of consumers are drawn to bogus degrees: Fake degree buyers are those consumers that typically need a fake document that is foolproof to employers and other officials.

The only purpose is to deceive. Marketing Fake Degrees Parallel to the types of fake degree consumer, are two types of fake degree businesses: Fake degree suppliers make no pretense of being colleges or leading consumers to believe their resumes can translate to real degrees. In comparison, diploma mills go to great lengths to create an illusion of reality and authority.

Savvy marketing ploys and misleading information draws customers that may believe an evaluation essay or exam, combined with their resume, earns them an academic degree. Fake Diplomas in the Workplace In the last few years some very high-profile professionals in all walks of life have been exposed for listing diploma mill degrees on their resumes.

Laura Callahan, a Chief Information Officer with the Department of Homeland Security, was found to have listed three such degrees earned from a now defunct degree mill in Wyoming. In fact, her final Ph.

Remember when a Ph. Aside from the monetary cost, though, the business of diploma mills and fake degrees has undercut the value of higher education. Most hard hit have been legitimate online degree programs.

Accreditation mills are the new offspring of diploma mills—fake agencies that purport to lend credence to low-quality online degree suppliers.

Alternatives to Diploma Mills How do you avoid being scammed by a diploma mill? A real college degree takes work.

But it no longer has to come at the cost of your career and family time. Excellent online degree programs deliver personal satisfaction, a study-at-your-own-pace program, and legitimate Department of Education accredited degrees.

Where college tuition costs are the biggest concern, wannabe students must stay committed to the process of financial aid, scholarships and grants.Online degree programs make education convenient.

Strengthen your current job skills. Study something that interests you. Our accredited online college degree programs, and our onsite programs in Aurora (Denver area) and Colorado Springs, are designed to work around your busy life.

At The University of Phoenix Online you can earn as many as 27 credits a year where the average university student only gets 15 in an academic year. Making time to write their essays is one of the biggest problems facing any student who wishes to earn their degree online. Log in with your user name and password to get the most from your academic network using PhoenixConnect to interface with the University of Phoenix.

Online Colleges in Arizona: The Best Schools for The Increase of Online Colleges in Arizona. Arizona’s online college and school options have grown steadily over the years, with colleges and universities not only offering individual online classes but also completely online degree programs.

Each online college or university in. Aug 28,  · The University of Phoenix is one of the most recognizable online universities today; it is constantly growing and evolving to keep up with the expectations of students, faculty and a society that expects the highest quality education.

just because it is an online schools does not mean that it is an easy pass or a degree you can just buy /5(21). University of Maryland University College offers affordable, convenient, career-relevant online bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and certificates.

College degree essay online phoenix university
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