Gowrite apple

The Orton-Gillingham spelling routine involves tracing, arm-tapping and writing each word at least 3 times in a row. Once they complete these steps, I ask students to either hop out the word or snap if they are able to the spelling word at least three times.

Gowrite apple

Clear contact paper or laminate, optional Preparation 1.

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Cover the background of the bulletin board with construction paper or fabric. Add a border, if desired. Trace, cut and attach letters to create the title.

Sketch freehand or use the opaque projector to create the tree, bucket and individual apples on tagboard or construction paper. Make one apple for each child in the class. Cut out the tree, bucket, and apples.

Attach the tree and bucket to the bulletin board. Glue a picture of each child to an individual apple. If desire, cover with clear contact paper or laminate. Attach the apples to the bulletin board as illustrated.

To create interest, use a felt-tip marker or fringed paper to add grass. Variations Use the bulletin board for attendance and transition activites. Create an interactive board providing an additional set of name cards for the children to match.

Encourage the children to print their names on individual cards.

gowrite apple

Encourage the children to create a self-portrait. Developmental Goals To recognize the names of other children To develop visual discrimination skills To develop a sense of community Child-Created Board: Children create robots using red rectangles.Self-Stick Table Top Easel Pad, 16"X15", 25 Sheets by GoWrite!

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gowrite apple

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