Human resource management in a business is extremely important essay

Human Resource Management Essay HRM Strategy and Organisational Change With the pressures of intensive competitive forces throughout the textiles manufacturing industry radical organisational changes need to be confronted and adopted by Tenrose.

Human resource management in a business is extremely important essay

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Mainly, the strengths are attributed to the internal credentials that consequently contribute to a viable output.

Expertise in corporate leadership and HRM concepts is an imperative platform of winning out competition. The availability of qualified consultants plays a pivotal role in creating a market niche and reaching out to clients effectively. Additionally, vibrant employees make it possible for the company to strengthen the internal structures of the company that complement the external success.

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Provision of quality services is an imperative impetus that attracts customers and enhances the much-needed growth. Building on the strengths calls on the concerted efforts from the internal organization of the firm Weaknesses Given that the company in new in the market, chances of it taking relatively slow to catch up in the market are high.

It places the company at a disadvantage in respect to other companies. Limited infrastructure limits the ability of the company to handle many job propositions.

Additionally, lack of a stable financial status to finance the internal, and external functions of the company pose huge challenges to the growth of the company.

Human resource management in a business is extremely important essay

In reference to this, the company needs to put in place viable measures of addressing the weaknesses in order to enhance its growth prospects. Opportunities The influx in emerging companies is an amazing opportunity for the growth of the company. The emerging companies provide an opportunity for offering consultancy services, given the importance attached to the function.

Moreover, the firm has an opportunity to expand to other target markets because of the demand for its specialty. An established market niche because of a ready market provides the company with an immense opportunity to expand its corporate image and identity.

Therefore, the opportunities presented by the external forces demonstrate positive prospects for the firm. Threats Competition is a huge threat to the firm; its ability to penetrate the mainstream market is limited by the ever-increasing competition from other consultancy companies.

The dominance by large established companies also threatens the ability of the company to grow. Losing highly qualified employees to other companies is a serious threat that incapacitates the ability of the company to expand its corporate jurisdiction.

These constraints limit the goals and objectives of the company; hence, it is pertinent for the firm to articulate strategic platforms of addressing the threats.

This is aimed at increasing the functionality of a service or product in order to enhance the satisfaction of a customer. According to Gregoriouvalue innovation analysis offers companies with competitive solutions for remaining relevant in the market by investing in the customer and finding practical answers to the needs of the customer.

Based on the designed consultancy firm, it is evidently clear that value innovation analysis will play a significant role in its desire to offer value-centered services to its clients. The company, which is primarily a service provider, will enhance its ability to reach out to its clients by critically analyzing its functions in meeting the needs of an ever-increasing market.

Innovation is significant in finding breakthrough in a high competitive market. Given that the consultancy firm is new in an industry that is value-centered, the value innovation analysis will enable it to realize its areas of functionality in order to improve the value of its services. Orientation stage The orientation stage is the first process in analysis value innovation.

This includes identifying the component for analysis. In respect to the consultancy firm, service offering is the most essential component of analysis. Based on its core objectives, the company offers consultation services with a specialty in corporate leadership and human resource management.

The need to analyze this component arises from the value attached to it; it is an important aspect in the running of corporate organizations today. Corporate leadership and human resource management are elemental in the growth and development of businesses in the corporate world today Jockenhofer,p Information The information stage involves understanding the areas of priority in relation to the target customers in the component discussion above.

Therefore, gaining sufficient knowledge and information on the target customer or client attached to the service offered is an important step in building value innovation. Analysis This is important as it entails the transformation of a need into functionality that meets the needs of the client.

Ideally, this step of analysis involves identifying the functions of precipitating from a service or product offering Afuah,p A detailed analysis of the products or services offered creates the values accrued to diverse functions of the component.Business And Management Essay Services We provide business and other students with a variety of business related writing services.

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These include business research papers, business and management essays, case studies, business plans, marketing essays, leadership papers, human resource management essays, international business essays, and more. 1. Why is the distinction between concept definitions and operational definitions important?

(See section on definitions).. 2. In Exhibit , financial accounting is defined as part of management iridis-photo-restoration.coms the logic underlying this concept definition.

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Human resource management is another imperative aspect in the business world. As the driving force in respect to capacity development, it is vital for businesses and corporate bodies to invest expansively in human resource development (Sims, , p ). Published: Mon, 5 Dec This assignment is about human resource planning.

For the purpose of this assignment, I selected McDonald and consider myself as human resource senior manager. Global Human Resource Management. INTRODUCTION Everyone's involvement is extremely important from the time an organization determines the need for the expatriate assignment, preparation of the individual both cultural training and language barriers, settling into the new country location, duration of the assignment, preparation on return.

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