To what extent do humans control

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To what extent do humans control

Pest Repellers Choosing the Best Sonic or Ultrasonic Device When choosing an electronic unit for bird control or for controlling other nuisance animals and wildlife, the list of possible devices can be confusing.

Not knowing which product to use can result in wasting your time and money. This article will give you the basics about the different types of electronic pest repellers, how they work and which pests are controlled by each.

First, some basics on electronic repellers. There are two basic types of electronic pest repellers, those that are audible can be heard to humans and those that are not always audible. An audible unit is designed to emit sounds that humans and domestic animals can hear.

These sounds are used to frighten or confuse your targeted pest. Audible units are what we call sonic pest repellers. An inaudible unit is designed to be silent to humans and animals.

These units are known as ultrasonic pest repellers.

To what extent do humans control

There are numerous products on the market both sonic and ultrasonic that are very inexpensive. These are easily found on sale at flea markets, hardware stores and are often advertised on late night television.

To what extent do humans control

Magazines are another area where these cheap units are offered to the uninitiated. Professionals and others who are involved with the removal or prevention of unwanted birds and animals have found that only professional units give the high quality results demanded for the job.

By breaking down electronic repellers into different sections, choosing the correct device for your pest control job will be made simple. Remember that the devices mentioned are usually used to keep casinos, museums, court houses, marinas, restaurants, warehouses, airports and other such complexes free and clear of unwanted animal and bird problems, many homeowners have found that these professional units work wonders on their personal property.

As customers give their feedback both positive and negative on certain units as they are used in the field, manufacturers such as Bird-X collect such information. This information is then combined with new technology and basic design changes to suit the needs of their customers.

Simply put, the ultrasonic "beams" travel from the unit's speakers in a manner that can be compared to beams of light. These beams travel in a straight line, they do not bend corners and they do not penetrate walls.

As you can see, this limits the use of ultrasonic repellers to wide open spaces. The recent introduction of speaker extensions for the QB-4 and Ultrason X units has been a vast improvement, giving the units used better coverage and the ability to overcome beams, columns, walls and other solid objects that might interfere with the ultrasonic technology.

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